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Farm and Ranch Products

We raise all natural, grass fed and finished bison, top quality beef finished on our own potatoes and grass, all natural, raw dairy products from our small jersey herd, all natural produce such as potatoes, sweet corn, beans, wheat and a plethora of vegetables. This is all available in our market or if you call us at 406-930-1982


Raw Jersey Dairy Products

We believe in the amazing benefits of drinking raw milk and using raw dairy products so we try to supply as many customers as we can while maintaining a small, manageable, healthy herd! We deliver weekly to Bozeman and Livingston so give us a call!

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All Natural Beef

We offer all natural, grass fed beef. Finished with a supplement of our own potatoes and free choice grass. You can purchase a half or whole beef or buy it retail at our Greycliff Market!


Farm Produce

We organically grow potatoes, corn, sweet corn, beans, wheat, pumpkins, melons and many vegetables on our place. Come check out our fields and our greenhouse.


Grass Finished Bison

We have a small bison herd that we supply our meat from. Our bison is available exclusively at the Greycliff Market or at the exquisite dinners at The Greycliff Mill.


All Natural Eggs

We also have a small  flock of layer hens that we feed non-GMO feed and produce the best eggs (we think so at least)!


Pumpkin Patch and Activities

We grow pumpkins and each October we are open on the weekends with hayrides and a corn maze! We also have many other farm activities throughout the year! Give us a call or watch our social media for more info!

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